We operate our own warehouse from various size of 20,000 sq ft up to 120,000 sq ft. Our warehouse all equipped with the safety features which approved by Malaysia Fire Departments and Government body of safety operation. We own custom broker license under Malaysia Custom Authority allow us perform custom clearance for import and export to the clients.

Our major activities and services provide

  • Warehousing Racking system up to 6 tires height which able to design special slot for customer which required keep the valuable or food grade cargo from other general cargoes. Currently we are operating 9000 slot of racking system.
  • Storage and Distribution – Storage, picking and deliveries to your specific location.
  • Container Fumigation – Our warehouse with cemented ground work and certify by phytosanitary department safety for perform inspection cargo and all kind of fumigation.
  • Packing & Container Stuffing/ Unstuffing – Dedicated personnel to pack your goods to your satisfaction and also extent our expertise, should it be required. We expert in stuffing of all size containers of 20’ & 40’ FT as well as special equipment of flat rack. We have equipped with all materials with approval from port authority AND shipping liner with independence surveyor report approval.
  • Specialize in Car Handling of Loading and Unloading Services on vessel as well as in container.
  • Warehouse Management – We offer services for management services on handle and report for stock inventory, stuffing/ unstuffing report, loading/ unloading tracking report.

We operate our own fleets of truck with all equipped on GPS tracking services which able to keep our customer up-to date on position of the truck and with estimation of arrival (ETA) to the destination point. We able to handle value / luxury items cargo with provide security escort for the container / truck position from time to time and plan the route to minimize risk of delays.

Our other services of difference transportation

  • Lorry Transportation (Container Haulage & Open truck) – Extensive domestic and cross-borders coverage services thru our own fleet of Lorries and haulage.
  • Door to Door (By hand Services) – By Hand deliveries from your doorstep to your final destination via our consignee’s worldwide, being Express or Economy.
  • Custom Clearance (Ocean & Air division) – Ensure peace of mind by Clearance of your cargo operated by our experience team.
  • Distribution to outskirt and town areas with designed on each drop point with planning of time arrival at door step.
  • Provide Lorry with crane services cover up to 10 MT SWL per lifting.