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Shipping and Forwarding

Forwarding Agent and Shipping Agent

A shipping agent or a forwarding agent is responsible for transferring goods to national and international destinations. VentHill Sdn. Bhd. is definitely that and more---a combination of a shipping agent and forwarding agent; it is a Malaysian business that is one of the sea freight companies certified by the International Air Transport Association, to carry air freight. The said shipping agent company is also licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission to transport ocean freight. If you want to deal with a shipping agent company that knows by heart the export and import rules, shipping methods, etc., you are sure to find VentHill Sdn. Bhd. as your most excellent choice for a forwarding agent.

A forwarding company like VentHill not only handles cargo. It is also a shipping agent establishment that aids exporters in determining the correct quotations by giving expert advice on insurance costs, special documentation fees, etc. Each shipping agent also gives recommendations when it comes to the appropriate packing methods for sure goods protection, at the same time seeing to the packing of the items at the port, taking care of reserving the clients’ needed space on aircraft, truck, etc.

Every forwarding agent in VentHill Sdn. Bhd also makes a complete review of the necessary documents prior to transport and delivery. The shipping agent and forwarding agent also sees to it that papers e.g. bill of lading are prepared. Once the shipment is completed, a shipping agent will then send the papers to the buyer, the bank, or the seller. The forwarding agent or shipping agent will also coordinate with customs brokers to help guarantee that all regulations are met.

VentHill Sdn. Bhd. is a forwarding agent company that started providing sea freight services in 2002. This particular shipping agent conglomerate eventually developed into a combination of a forwarding agent and shipping agent that gives out One Stop Solutions. Through the hard work of all the staff of this specific shipping agent company, a wide range of services are provided, including:

  • Same Day Delivery and Pick Up

With just a single phone call, local customers can expect their packages to be transported by the said shipping agent company in just a few hours. International courier service is also available at the most affordable prices set by this specific forwarding agent company. Competitive-based pricing is also applied by the said forwarding agent business and reliable tracking is present. Aside from that, each and every forwarding agent or shipping agent can be contacted via mobile phones for clients to be able to monitor their packages.

  • Warehousing

Customers will be thrilled with the forwarding agent company’s high-tech handling and warehousing features that gives an assurance that their commodities are protected. Logistical services may also be made available to distributors, retail business owners, etc by the above mentioned shipping agent entity. Packing and re-packing are also done by each of the company’s shipping agent in the most careful ways possible to reduce the occurrence of errors. Bulk and rack options for storing merchandise are also some of the services given by every forwarding agent. Inventory and documentation are also computerized for faster access by a forwarding agent.

  • Daily Distribution

Daily distribution for all kinds of transport whether via air, rail, sea, road, etc. may also be availed by the customers of this forwarding agent company. Fixed delivery and tracking assistance is provided by any shipping agent of Venthill Sdn. Bhd.

  • Shipment for Personal Effects

VentHill Sdn. Bhd. is also a shipping agent company that transmits personal effects with costs made to match whatever budget people have. On time delivery of client belongings is certainly provided by the said forwarding agent company as well as the promise that they will be in seamless condition.

  • Custom Brokerage

The said shipping agent company also offers with great pride reliability and efficiency in terms of gaining cargo clearance for personal effects, business merchandise, etc. This also applies to the trouble free releasing of goods from one port to another, thanks to every expert forwarding agent employed by Venthill Sdn. Bhd. Each forwarding agent is also trained to handle wholesale and retail imports as well as the importation of vehicles.

Venthill is a forwarding agent company whose main area of expertise is on freight forwarding which may be classified into: inbound, outbound, and local supply chain management.

Inbound management focuses on enabling flexibility to clients in terms of the rates and the kind of service that will usually result to better control over imported products. The said forwarding agent firm has outbound management that concentrates on logistical services. VentHill Sdn. Bhd. is a shipping agent entity that also believes in the importance of giving solutions the personalized way so that customers will not have to go through automated responses. In terms of the local supply chain management of this particular forwarding agent company, more often than not, flawless service is provided because of the straightforward resolutions the said shipping agent firm has come up with especially when it comes to customs brokerage, trucking, and many more.

Venthill Sdn. Bhd. also boasts of being a forwarding agent, (one of the few) that is able to manage project cargo which is composed of containerized goods, break liquid, etc. The said entity is also proud of being a shipping agent with the best clearance procedures and transport practices that make hassle free transactions possible.

Everyone who makes up VentHill Sdn. Bhd., a proven forwarding agent company, work hand in hand. Teamwork, trust, and the sharing of ideas among each and every shipping agent are also relied upon. This particular forwarding agent also makes it a point that cost-efficient results are provided to their clients. Venthill is also a shipping agent company that helps people to obtain maximum revenue as a result of the high quality outputs provided by its certified staff. If you are one of the many individuals who require the most effective solutions to all your freight related needs, Venthill Sdn. Bhd. is absolutely the forwarding agent and shipping agent business that you have long been searching for